The Daily Traditionalist: The Satirical Tradition Under Threat in Britain – DT 102617 - Radio Aryan


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The Daily Traditionalist: The Satirical Tradition Under Threat in Britain – DT 102617

dt 102617

Matthew Heimbach is joined by Alison Chabloz today to talk about how revisionists are being silenced in Europe. It was this persecution of world war two historians that got her wanting to do something to highlight it and she was booked to play at the Edinburgh Fringe when she first saw the disproportionate power of the Jews for herself, as they were able to get her banned from playing. After that she refused to back down and started putting her songs online, only to have organised Jewry put pressure on the police to have her charged under the obscure malicious communications act for laughing at Jews that have been exposed for telling lies about the holocaust.

None of her songs have been sent to any individuals, they were just available online for people to find, the Jews had to literally go out seeking her content in order to be offended. All Anglo-countries have the right to political protest enshrined in common law, but Jewish pressure groups have managed to force the government to ignore these laws in order to make new statutes specifically exempting the Jews and other minorities from being criticised. We have a long history of satire and used to be very proud of the fact we could mock the king to his face, but now we are no longer allowed to mock this specific group of people who think that they are above the monarch and should never be laughed at.

It’s taken 25 years to get the revisionist story out to the masses on the internet and now it is on the verge of going mainstream the enemies of free speech are panicking. They are fundamentally afraid and desperate to shut it down any way they can but they may have over-reached in this case, as it goes right against traditional British customs such as political satire and music hall comedy.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with Alison Chabloz

The Daily Traditionalist: The Satirical Tradition Under Threat in Britain – DT 102617


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