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The Daily Traditionalist: The Synergy Between Community Building and Demonstrations – DT 101117

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Matthew Heimbach and Florian Geyer co-host today’s episode, looking at how community building and demonstrations can be utilized together, but first Matt gives us some commentary on the Harvey Weinstein story, highlighting the way Jews routinely defile our White women. Matt points to a Jewish author who explains how the Jews are attracted to White women because they instinctively wish to corrupt them. They are so arrogant that they will even publish articles admitting this and Florian likens it to a man who murders his parents and then calls for clemency from the court because he is now an orphan.

Moving on to political activism versus community building, Golden Dawn are put forward as an example of how to do things. They spent a lot of time community building before they were able to start engaging politically, but they still held plenty of demonstrations. When things get really bad people will be looking for organisations who have been consistent in what they have been saying. When people are extremely annoyed at something like the banning of a flag, then a demonstration can be really useful for showing what we support and what we are against, but it is the community building that takes place because of the demonstration that is the important thing and which remains after everyone has packed up and gone home.

Charlottesville was useful because it is still being talked about, it drew masses of attention to us and got our message out right across the world. At the same time, demonstrations help to draw people out and we can see the increase in numbers that came about with the Nordic Resistance Movement, who started off with 50 people at their demos and now can get 800. Once you have large numbers like this turning up, then the possibilities are there for the community building to start. Someone may be a doctor, another a lawyer, others builders and people will naturally offer to help each other out. It is not a case of either demonstrations or community building, both rely on each other and both will be necessary for us to succeed in our task.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Florian Geyer

The Daily Traditionalist: The Synergy Between Community Building and Demonstrations – DT 101117


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