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The Daily Traditionalist: The White Victim Memory-Hole – DT 100217


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Tony Hovater for a new week of The Daily Traditionalist, starting off by explaining his absence for the last few months due to a new arrival in the Heimbach family before moving into discussing the country and western massacre in Houston. The killer had no wife or kids, retired and then imported an Asian girlfriend before going crazy with an automatic weapon for what appears to be no reason. ISIS have claimed responsibility and Israeli news are saying he was a Moslem convert, but this is being played down in order to try and blame America’s gun rights for the atrocity.

Like Sandy Hook it seems like this was almost set up to try and get guns banned, but it didn’t work then and it is unlikely it will work now either.

Yesterday there was a Moslem stab attack in France and a Moslem jihadi-ram attack in Canada. Both of these seem to have been forgotten about already and since this killer in Texas is not a White Nationalist, the chances are that this will be forgotten as well. We seem to be getting used to these awful things happening and are just accepting them, with the sole exception of when the killer is a patriot. We are still being reminded of Anders Breivik in every article about the Stormfront conference as whatever happens, they have to push the anti-White narrative.

On the flip side of the violence against Whites being ignored, we have the glorification of the Antifa groups organising to physically attack anyone they disagree with. This is portrayed by the fake-news media as justifiable defence by the Left, as our very words themselves are now being portrayed as acts of violence against minorities who have only the brave anarchists punching nazis and throwing faeces to defend them.

Matt and Tony break it all down and identify the different ways our enemy tries to hide the White victims before finishing the podcast with some discussion on the Catalonia referendum.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Tony Hovater

The Daily Traditionalist: The White Victim Memory-Hole – DT 100217


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