The International Jew: Jewish Testimony on ‘Are Jews a Nation?’–TIJ 101617

tij 101617

This 13th podcast in the series is designed to put the listener in possession of information regarding the Jew's own thoughts of himself, as regards race, religion and citizenship.

In the last episode we saw the thought which Jewish representatives wish to plant in Gentile minds concerning this matter. The Senate committee which was to be convinced of this was made up of Gentiles and the witnesses who were to do the convincing were Jews. The object of this testimony was to have the Jews classified under various national names, such as Polish, English, German, Russian, or whatever it might be. Of course, the Jews did their best to sow seeds of confusion as the quotes show, one minute claiming to be a nation and the next, a religion.

This time we will see what the Jews say to each other about the matter when they don’t think Gentiles are listening and we will discover that the Jew is always a Jew, first and foremost and it does not matter if he follows the religion or not.

Narration and Commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: Jewish Testimony on ‘Are Jews a Nation?’–TIJ 101617

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