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The Roper Report: Activists Act – TRR 101117


In this week’s episode of The Roper Report, Billy’s Balkanization Podcast, the ShieldWall Network’s upcoming Oktoberfest Social on October 14th is announced and Billy shares with us the first half of his 10 point lecture seminar on activism from the 2017 StormFront conference.

The following are Billy’s notes from the conference:

1. 2001-2002: German Embassy in DC. Israeli Embassy 3X. Battle of York, PA. U.S. Capitol.
Our tactics then were to set a date, time, and location with a cause attached. Contact all allied groups and organizations to let them know this was where the event would be. Contact ARA/Black Block and goad them into coming out in opposition to us, shaming them into it. Pick a Fight. Then contact local and regional media and telling them that there was going to be a big, newsworthy confrontation between the two sides. Then going back and playing it up to supporters and allies as a big event they didn’t want to miss out on, to create attendance.
2. 2003-forward, less restraint. White Power Jujitsu is using the weight of the Jewish controlled media to reach more normies, the idea being that even with their editorializing, if the media just spells our name correctly, then the best and most salvageable of the normies can later find us through social media or our own internet platforms absent that Jewish media filter. Political theater is whatever is newsworthy and triggers a reaction. A relatively small group of White protesters can leverage mass media attention to our cause even if they are outnumbered by counter-protesters: Gainesville, San Antonio, Coueur D’Alene, SPLC headquarters, Boston.
3. With police becoming more hostile to us due to local Mayors and Governors opposing us (ADL driven Governor’s contract signed by 300 Mayors), we may need to move away from our tradition of always working with local law enforcement. Harrison vs. Batesville vs. Searcy vs. Charlottesville. In future, we may need to use pro-White flash mobs to hold demonstrations with very little warning to the local media, and none to the local police or opposition. In other words, not bothering with the permits.
Pros: Fewer injuries and arrests due to combat on our side, less doxxing of our participants, fewer instances of being herded and sequestered and isolated by L.E..
Cons: Potential arrests due to noncompliance, less media coverage due to shorter notice of the event and less newsworthy confrontations, equaling less amplification of our presence and message to the normie public.
4. Doxxing: Don’t target the Antifa organizers, like us they are ideologically driven and love the martyrdom. Instead, target their supporters. Anyone who “likes” or “shares” their social media pages and posts. Anyone on their fringes who can be identified as a donor or sympathizer. Research them online using publicly available and therefore legally publishable information: name, spouse, place of work, home and business address, e-mail, phone number, contact information for bosses, et cetera. Use a narrative to tie them to an extreme or violent statement or action by the left even indirectly, then make it public through social media, blog posts, and flyers. This undermines their support and can literally destroy Antifa’s base, as we used it to do in Arkansas this past year. Doxx their spouses. Doxx their families. Shut them down. It works, it’s proven, and effective. Make this intimidation tactic a two street.
5. Old school: literature distributions of flyers, especially to racially diverse neighborhoods, followed up by calls to local media to complain, to get media attention to the flyers and our cause. Similarly with stickers, business cards, et cetera. Two man teams, quick hits, in and out, discretely. Short, pithy memes, not long diatribes, with graphics and contact information, legally: not in mailboxes or screen doors, throw them out like the newspaper is, scrolled.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: Activists Act – TRR 101117


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