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The Roper Report: Rally for Jacob Goodwin – TRR 101817


The first half of the The Roper Report this week was recorded live at the ShieldWall Network OktoberFest Social on October 14th in central Arkansas and contains not only an introduction to Jacob Goodwin’s legal case, but interviews with his friends and fellow ShieldWall Network members Steven and Jonathon, as well as both of Jacob’s parents, who describe the hellish legalistic ordeal they face and make a plea for assistance with the funding for Jacob’s legal defense. Also featured is an interview with Owenson, the leader of the Arkansas Goys Club.

Listeners are told how they can get involved and help petition the governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, to deny or delay signing the papers of extradition that will send Jacob to Virginia, through e-mail and telephone. The four methods of helping financially with Jacob’s legal defense are also included.

In the second half of the program, Billy includes points, six, seven, eight, and nine of his ten point nuts and bolts speech on in-real-life activism given at the 2017 StormFront Conference in Crossville, TN. The following are the notes from that speech, outlining those closing points:
6. Large scale agitation propaganda: Billboards, as in Harrison. Little Rock Nine statue modifications. GLR’s man in gorilla suit. 
7. Indirect Action: to soften an area or a topic up, like indirect artillery fire prior to an engagement: precede activism with coordinated calls to local talk radio stations, letters to the editor of local papers online, comments on local news stories, and through word of mouth, face to face, on a community grassroots level as The ShieldWall Network uses networking to become persons of influence in our communities. This means getting active in local government and even, when possible, running for local public office in order to secure those associations, networks, and access to resources and assets to secure those local areas when the federal government abdicates or evaporates into a power vacuum. The first step is infiltrating conservative, Republican, Tea Party, pro-gun, and veteran organizations, as well as civic groups and volunteer or charity organizations locally. This is winning hearts and minds to radicalize and cherry pick potential supporters and affiliates from their ranks. Simultaneously, we form local and state WN prepper networks through the SWN. 
8. Cohesion of message: the theme should always be tied to the oncoming chaos of dissolution, anarchy, racial tension, polarization, division, and balkanization. People respond emotionally to the triggering of their fears and anxieties, much more than to rational facts or reason. Scare them into choosing a side, before one is chosen for them. Show them how it affects them. Make it personal and inescapable, and impossible to ignore. America is dividing, the establishment cannot hold things together, and the balkanization will affect them, whether they want to try to avoid it or not. 
9. Optics: The discipline of control over sign verbage and imagery, what flags are flown, how people dress, who talks to the media, and what degree of angle participants’ right arms may be raised to must be weighed against the radical flank effect. As seen in a recent poll showing that many more Americans identify with the platform planks of White Nationalism than are yet willing to embrace the nomenclature, the radical flank effect makes a position only slightly to the left, but further right than previously held, seem more palatable to normies by comparison to the extremist position taken by the radical who is pushing the Overton Window of accepted political discourse, and therefore the midpoint of the Hegelian dialectic, to the right by the very act and example of their extremism. Extremism on the right creates more elbow room just to the left of the extremist for normies to comfortably occupy. Our goal is not to seem mainstream, nor to make our views mainstream, but to push forward and lead the way so that mainstream people may follow us to the right. Optics control may also create division and lower attendance and participation; so while discipline, uniformity, and control are desirable, the long term end result of the optics should always be the deciding factor, not merely pro forma discipline for the sake of its momentary appearance. Ex: Brown vs. Topeka rally: NSM and sign. 
10. Taking the fight to the enemy. For far too long, we have been on the defensive. We need to be proactive, not reactionary. The time has come to go to pro-immigration marches, pro gay pride marches (as we did in Harrison), BLM marches, and to political rallies by left wing politicians, including treasonous cucked Republicans, and shout them down with amplified chants (megaphones) to disrupt their events. Instead of competing with our enemies for victimhood status, we need to remind them, and ourselves, that we are Aryans, we are conquerors, and we will win.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: Rally for Jacob Goodwin – TRR 101817


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