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Thoughts of the Day: The Failure of the Founding Fathers – GL 101017

gl 101017

It's time once again to cozy up for another installment of the one and only Thoughts of the Day program. Far be it for Grandpa Lampshade to brag, but I do believe this is one of the more unique podcasts out there when it comes to the wide range of topics we discuss and the loyalty and quality of the audience that listens.

Of course the big news that any and everyone is talking about this week is the Vegas mass shooting. We aren't going to get really deep into this topic for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that we don't have very much information to go on at all. Also, I have written more detailed articles on it already at the Semitic Truth Center. However one thing that has occurred as a result of this, whether it's intentional or not is that this has sucked all the energy out of the room politically. It is almost impossible to talk about any of the things that we usually talk about when this event is at the forefront of everyone's mind.

Sometimes we talk about things so much that we don't really stop to actually reflect on the sheer magnitude of the subject itself. Take Black on White crime for instance. Those of us in this movement are keenly aware of the problem, namely Black on White violent crime such as murders and rapes. However how often do we stop to reflect on the sheer magnitude of how many White people have been victimized over the decades by these genetic throwbacks, that for some reason we have accepted the inevitability of living with in our societies?

Last week's segment on marriage unsurprisingly turned out to be quite triggering for some. Some would find that troubling but instead I find that to be a good thing. You know you're getting close to uncomfortable truths when people are troubled and triggered by what you are saying. As a result, I thought we would expand on the topic this week but in a different direction. After all, the topic last week was in regards to a proposed different way forward at least in the short term when it comes to trying to fix the mess that our current system of marriage is. Instead this week, I thought we would discuss some actual things that can help you if you are considering the marriage route right now under the current system we have.

We've got a couple of listener questions and comments for the show this week and they are both really good. First up is from AN Anon and he would like to discuss the importance of getting our finances in order. This is an excellent topic in that we all (whether we like it or not) are living under a Jewish debt system. Obviously avoiding any sort of debt all together would be the ideal thing to do but is that realistic? We will touch on the fact that the things that you buy today aren't priced in dollars but instead, are priced in debt. As a result, it is almost impossible to have anything without accruing some level of debt. So how should we manage this? How much is too much? What do we do if we realize too late we've gotten ourselves into trouble?

Next up, CS brings up a topic that I deal with on a regular basis which is; what's wrong with going back to what the original founders of the nation set up? In other words: getting away from the current muh democracy system and getting back to the sacred republic system set up at the founding of the nation. I have often compared this to someone with late stage liver failure from a life of alcoholism talking about how everything would be fine, if they could just get back to how they were when they had that first drink. Like it or not, where we are now is the end result of what the founding fathers set up. There is no reason to believe that if we went back to what originally brought us to where we are today, that the result would be somehow different.

As always, the idea behind these shows is not for you to simply listen to my thoughts on these things and then walk away and forget about these topics. One of the reasons I like to talk about a lot of different subjects is the hope that one of these topics will really hit home for you and provoke you to thoughts of your own. The idea is that you will continue to think about these things and begin adding your own thoughts, ideas and insight to expand our knowledge as a people on these topics that we discuss.

Thank you again for listening and thank you again to our sponsors who help me in this work. As long as there are truths to be spoken you can bet that we plan to be speaking them right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: The Failure of the Founding Fathers – GL 101017


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