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Thoughts of the Day: Grandpa’s Truth Experiment – GL 103117

GL 103117

Tuesday, it's kind of a blah day. It's not like Monday where your work week is just getting started and yet it's not like Wednesday either where you can at least take some solace in the fact that the week is half-way over. Yet there is one redeeming factor when it comes to Tuesdays and that is of course that you get another installment of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day!

We have talked before about how the old paradigm of Left versus Right is really going obsolete now. There are those who refuse to see it but I believe this is an easily observable reality and an unavoidable eventuality. In this episode we will discuss some of the reasons for why this is and from both a left-wing and right-wing perspective. We will also highlight how the Left has been in many ways as fake an opposition as the Right has been. In the light of these things, it is not hard to see why the political spectrum is now being drawn to the extremes.

As we have talked about before and as we will address once again because it is such an important point for everyone to realize, the plan as it were is to replace us and nowhere is this more obvious than in Britain. Britain is reaching levels of absurdity right now that were never thought possible before. Moslems rape, rob, kill and commit vast amounts of crime as they continue to flood in and what does the British government do? What do the police do? They cover it up. The only time they actually do anything about it is when it becomes so widespread as to be impossible to ignore. Yet, they are now going about and threatening to put people in jail for viewing so called "right wing web sites". So we now have a situation where the authorities ignore the fact that you are being targeted for replacement and extermination, while at the same time punishing you for going to web sites that point this truth out. Could it be any more obvious that this is a pre-meditated plan? This is quite clearly a concerted effort to drive us from existence.

Now some among the normie set will feel as though what Grandpa Lampshade is saying about the Jews being a hostile foreign entity that rules over our nations is just too way out there and there is no way this could be correct. Well how about this then, Grandpa Lampshade has a little exercise, an experiment if you will that you can perform for yourselves to see just how truthful what I'm saying is. Old sayings such as "To see who it is that rules over you just look about and find out who it is you are not allowed to criticize" stay with us for centuries because they are grounded in truth. In this segment I will propose a little experiment using this truth to discover for yourselves if what people such as myself say about the Jews is correct or not.

We're big on pointing out reality here at Thoughts of the Day and one of these realities is the fact that our enemies fear us. Oh they may mock us and claim that we are nothing more than a handful of kooks living in our mom's basement, but their actions betray the way they truly view us. They fear us. Why? It's certainly not because we're going to physically remove these people from their positions of power. It's not because we have any chance of throwing an armed revolution and ousting the establishment. Then why, why do they fear us? I'll tell you why..............but you have to listen to the show to hear it LOL

The average leftist is emotionally driven and this is why the Jew finds them so useful. People who base their positions on emotion are easily manipulated. All you have to do is to give them the correct emotional stimulus and they will do exactly what you want them to. This is interesting and important beyond just understanding how the leftist mind works. It is important to understand so that we ourselves are not emotionally manipulated. You must always be on your guard against REACTING emotionally. If you find yourself in a position where you are emotionally reacting to the actions of your enemy, then there is a very good chance that if you take action based on that emotional reaction then you are going to be doing something that is beneficial to the enemy and detrimental to yourself.

When you look back through history at historically significant turning points, we often think to ourselves, 'What was it like to live through that, while it was happening?' The fact of the matter is that right now we are living through a historical turning point. We are living right now through a turning point in history. I believe this with absolute certainty. The old order is in the middle of collapsing in on itself and something new is going to take it's place. What we are struggling for right now is the fight to determine what that will be.

The show this week is probably a little bit more random than most and that's a pretty high bar to exceed. However it's also full of so many different topics for you to think about this week that there wont be much room for anything else. It's ok, it's what I do. It's what we all do. Right here on Radio Aryan and Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Grandpa’s Truth Experiment – GL 103117


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