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Thoughts of the Day: Motivation and Obligation – GL 102317

GL 102517

Grandpa Lampshade is a bit unmotivated this week and really didn't feel like recording anything at all, but you the listeners and sponsors are what keeps me motivated to keep on with the show and as a result, not only do we have a show this week but a pretty good one at that if I do say so myself.

We will open by discussing the latest on the NFL having painted itself into a corner by trying to signal to leftists and groids with all this kneeling nonsense and from there we will branch off into other areas of cucking. The Left is so used to not being opposed and being able to intimidate anyone who even timidly responds to them that they don't know what to do when they encounter people who don't care about their cries of racism and injustice. Well, the days of meek half-hearted opposition are now over. The opposition they face will only become stronger as we push back against the constant anti-White agenda.

We often talk about how we are ruled over in our own nations by a hostile foreign entity. This can so often be too hard for people to wrap their minds around, especially since that ((enemy)) always has front Goys to put out there in hopes that you don't notice the hooked nose and rubbing hands which are pulling their strings. I thought it would be good to discuss for a moment exactly how we know that we are ruled over by a hostile foreign entity. The evidence is there, it's just that sometimes it can be easy to overlook. In this segment we will discuss some circumstantial yet damning evidence that this is indeed the case.

Next up we will return to a popular topic, getting to the truth about relations between men and women and I will need all of you to stick with this segment instead of getting triggered and turning it off. I was thinking this week of the nature of the relationship between men and women and I was thinking about how some of the truths that others have put out there I find somewhat troubling. At first, I thought perhaps it was simply a truth that made me uncomfortable and I was questioning myself, perhaps I was just for whatever reason being hesitant to address a hard and uncomfortable truth. Yet the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that what was bothering me was that looking at these things historically, we have to be overlooking something. What could that be? Stay tuned and let's delve into this often uncomfortable subject together.

Our final segment for the week is a Christian segment. The Reverend Lampshade wants to discuss with you the context of the fact that through Jesus Christ, you are the children of God yourselves. Not servants, not slaves, not hired help, but children of God. Because this life on earth is so full of trials and tribulations it can get easy to find yourself caught up in the mind-set that God wants you to be miserable. But why? Why would he do that? Ask yourself this: if you are a parent, do you want your children to be miserable? Naturally I assume you aren't a psycho so the answer is "No". Then the next question is: "Are you then, better than God?" While there is no doubt that because the world is ruled over by the enemy we do indeed face hardships and seemingly constant attacks from the enemy and his front men, it's important to remember that being miserable in your life everyday is not a part of God's will.

The show this week came out a few minutes shorter than it usually does. However that's ok because here at Radio Aryan and here at Thoughts of the Day, we're all about quality over quantity. I hope that out of the topics we discussed today, there was at least one that has motivated you to further thought. We face an uphill battle but know this: it's a battle that we are and always have been destined to fight. Nobody chooses to live in tumultuous times. Men live in the times that are foisted upon them. The strong will persevere and overcome them and the weak will fall to the wayside. It's all a part of the plan and it's all a part of how things work. We will continue our work once again next week so be sure and join us for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Motivation and Obligation – GL 102317


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