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Thoughts of the Day: The Perils of Marriage – GL 100317

GL 100317

Another week’s gone by and it’s time for another instalment of Thoughts of the Day. We've actually got sponsors this week which include someone who has provided us with some outro music to use, so thank you very much for that.

For our opening segment I thought we would talk a bit about marriage. So often I hear senior members of the movement getting on at the younger guys that they need to get out there and marry up one of these women and start making those White babies. While I cannot argue with the fact that indeed we cannot secure a future for our White children if we do not have any White children, it's not exactly fair to expect men to throw themselves onto a grenade knowing that there is a very good chance that it might blow up. With this in mind I thought we might do well to discuss marriage in the context of what it actually is, with all the romanticism stripped away. Yes someday we hope to repair our culture to the point where things are back to the natural order, but that is not where we are at right now and we cannot afford to wait around to fix it when it comes to our demographic issues.

In our next segment, I want to discuss the idea of genetic selection. In National Socialist Germany they were big on trying to create the most healthy and robust society of people possible. Yet, they are demonized for this along with six million other things. But is genetic selectivity a bad thing? If you were raised on a farm or ranch you naturally try to set things up so you have the healthiest herd possible. So why not do that with the population of people as well?

We have some highly intelligent people in our society. In fact, many of these so-called highly intelligent people will not hesitate to tell you how highly intelligent they are. But what about wisdom? Many people conflate the two as being more or less one and the same, but they are actually quite different. In this segment, we will think about the difference between intelligence and wisdom and while the two are not mutually exclusive, I would propose that while being intelligent is a great asset wisdom is something to be sought after with all of your might.

For our final segment we will discuss the big news here in 'Murica! of the Negro Felon League protesting against Trump's divisive language, the national anthem, the flag............oh hell let's cut the crap they're protesting against White people. The league is now in a position where they have forgotten that they are providing entertainment services to their customers who are by and large exclusively White and they are allowing their employees to spit in the face of those very same customers. In what world is this good business? The NFL is a multi BILLION dollar operation and we are now in a position to make them submit. They have taken up a leftist position in standing with the spoiled and over-paid Blacks and we have the power to force them to back down. It's so simple too. Don't watch it, don't buy any of their merchandise, don't do business with "The official ...........of the (insert team here)" and tell them why you are not. Advertisers are already starting to pull out. Will all White people do this? No, because apparently some love being publicly cucked but understand this: in a billion dollar industry a 20% drop in revenue is huge.

Great thoughts, great times and this week great outro music as well. It's well worth listening to this from start to finish, but then again, isn't it pretty much that way every week? There's only one place for thought provoking discussion such as this and that place is Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: The Perils of Marriage – GL 100317


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