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Thoughts of the Day: The State of Our Nations – GL 101717

GL 101717

You know if it's Tuesday, then it's time for Thoughts of the Day and as always, thanks to our sponsors for supporting the show. I want to be sure to give a special thank you this week which, to be honest is way overdue. Grandpa Lampshade and the Thoughts of the Day program wishes to extend a big thank you to Boatsinker for providing the artwork for these shows week in and week out. He does an excellent job and it makes the show much better as well as taking some of the load off of me. Those of you who were with us way back when the show first started will know I was providing my own lame cropped together pics and you will understand just how much better the appearance of the show is with top quality artwork compared to how it was back when I was trying to do it myself.

For our opening segment, I thought we would take a look at the reality of the state of our nations. It's easy for some of you to wind up feeling as though Grandpa Lampshade is black pilling you with this stuff but I'm not. Reality itself can be very black pilling at times but if we don't look at these things without the rose colored glasses on, how will we be able to honestly assess the situation and make plans for moving forward? So let's take a look at the reality of the state of our western White nations in the context of them being invaded by the brown desert people and their attitude towards our women. These brown desert people say our women are whores and sluts whose purpose is to be used by them. We as what is left of our nations say that this isn't so, obviously. But let's look at the reality and decide who is actually correct. I'll warn you, I've already triggered many on GAB with this discussion and I'm sure many more will be triggered here on the show, but I encourage you to bear with me and hear me out on this segment as we assess reality for what it really is.

The segment on the reality of the state of our nations will actually merge quite smoothly into our next topic which is: why does the enemy want us disarmed so badly? Some out there hold to a fantasy that the fear is that the people will take up arms, march on Washington and start hanging politicians from light poles. I hate to burst your bubble, but I can assure you that is not what they are afraid of. Yet, they are obviously afraid of something otherwise they wouldn't want us disarmed so badly. So what is it? Why is it that the enemy is so determined to disarm us? We will take an uncomfortable look at the reason and the menacing intention behind it.

Moving into listeners’ questions and comments this week and 88th regiment would like to hear from GPL about how Texas is different in our dealings with these meskins as opposed to a state such as California. Even though this is a very difficult thing to articulate as it is hard to explain if you haven't lived here I will do my best to illustrate. Even to the casual observer it is obvious that there is a stark difference between say Texas and California, just by reading the news. But why is that? No doubt, here in Texas we have far fewer problems between us and these meskins than say California. However that doesn't mean that we aren't headed for trouble or that Texas is some sort of exception to the multiculturalism never works rule.

Next up is a comment from JH who wants to discuss finance and investing in retirement. Is there any point to this? Should he invest for his old age or is the whole thing going to collapse anyway? I'll be honest, I'm pretty uncomfortable when it comes to these financial topics. The sad truth is there is a reason that Grandpa Lampshade's Nazi empire isn't further along than it is. However, we will endeavor to take a look at JH's situation and see if we can reasonably figure out his situation as a whole.

For our Christian segment this week, we will be discussing the misconception that weakness and victim hood somehow equates to righteousness. Because so much of the modern church today preaches false doctrine, the people have now come to believe that Jesus was a victim and was weak and allowed himself to be lead off to be executed from a stand point of weakness and thus we should too. It is an amazing thing to consider the number of Christians who have this false belief that Jesus had no power over the events surrounding his death. What other conclusion can we come to? These people parade around their weakness in their victim hood and posture against those who refuse to be victims all the while claiming that it is they who are living a righteous life. We will tear down this false notion as we have others right here at the Church of Lampshade.

As always we cover a lot of ground in just an hour. We try to hit a lot of different topics and the idea behind that is that out of all of the different things we discuss, there will be one thing that will really stick with you the listener and prompt you to think about it further, adding your own perspective and your own thoughts. This may not be the biggest nor the most popular show out there, but I do like to believe it is the most thought provoking. Thus, I hope you enjoy and I hope you will be sure and join us again next week for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: The State of Our Nations – GL 101717


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