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Radio Free Northwest: The Bill White Case – RFN 110217

rfn 110217

Things are ultra-busy at the Northwest Front this week with IRL activities and Harold Covington begins the week’s podcast by thanking the people involved in the project and explains that this is why he has been unable to give substantial replies to any correspondence sent in.

Next up is a reminder of Edgar Steele who was killed while in prison on fabricated charges and Bill White who is still alive, but also in prison on trumped up charges. There are limits to what can be said about White’s case other than it is being used to set a very dangerous precedent where the judiciary and the penal system can no longer be held accountable. Bill had been getting away with a lot on the internet for years, but eventually walked right into a trap. He produced a cover for a magazine with Obama on it with the tagline ‘Kill This Nigger?’ thinking the question mark would cover him.
Someone from the Obama campaign saw it and the FBI were ordered to make an example of him to see just what they could get away with, running him through multiple charges to create new offences that never existed before. All of them including nothing but words on paper but still landing him in prison for near on 7 years. Harold has been doing what he can to help Bill since the original arrest and retells the whole story here, along with an explanation of all the precedents that were set with these trials.

Next we hear from Bill himself and learn that he was sent to solitary confinement for giving this interview and has been under a special security watch ever since, to make sure he never gets near a microphone again.

Gretchen reviews Lucia Puenzo’s Wakolda this week, which is the novel on which the film ‘The German Doctor’ was based, which is about Joseph Mengele’s life in Argentina. She thinks the movie is better than the book and that it is used more for the author’s own ideas rather than those of Mengele’s.

For the final section Harold explains the nature of usury and how it generated finance capitalism.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Bill White Case – RFN 110217

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