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Radio Free Northwest: The Internal Struggle - RFN 113017

rfn 113017

Harold has a cold this week, but that hasn’t stopped him producing his podcast and he starts by thanking the guests at the Northwest Front Thanksgiving dinner. After that he looks back at the first person to think of declaring the Northwest an independent nation and then answers a question on how the Northwest Republic would deal with patent and copyright law.

Andy Donner then weighs in on the topic of professionalisation and how formal organisations only allow specific people to speak on behalf of them. If you ever see a Northwest Front event advertised, it is not being put on by the party, as they do not do events, rallies or protests.

Gretchen presents part 2 of her discussion on Albert Speer’s Inside the Third Reich and we learn that after fighting against the Russians on the eastern front, Hitler’s estimation of Stalin and his son increased.

The Trucker calls in from Portland Oregon to talk about how easy it is to live for a while in an RV or a trailer without having to pay rent, especially if you don’t have children.

Next is a clip from Lauren Rose with some shocking statistics about the amount of people in America who cant even speak English.

Finally Harold finishes the podcast by addressing accusations of him punching Right and encouraging an internal struggle in White Nationalism.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Internal Struggle - RFN 113017

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