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SS Britannia: ‘Race Awareness’ Class – SS 112017

SS 112017

Sven Longshanks presents a solo podcast once again for this week’s SS Britannia and starts by explaining how he has been away for the last week meeting up with fellow Radio Aryan hosts Matthew Heimbach and Florian Geyer in Prague.

Next we have a look at Lee Rogers’ rather surprising DNA results before moving into some British news, including Jayda Fransen being arrested and flown to Belfast, Tommy Robinson being banned from more book-signings and Alison Chabloz’s court case for making ‘grossly offensive’ songs available to the public. This prosecution is important for all of us, as it centres around whether or not the posting of a link to content is the same as phoning a rabbi up and shouting death threats down the phone at him.

After a short musical break we take a look at the now mandatory ‘Race Awareness’ classes at Oxford university. No, these are not classes where students are warned how to avoid getting raped by Moslems or infected by plague-carrying Negroes, these are classes where Whites are taught that it is our fault the Negro has a low IQ and a high propensity for drugs and violent crime.

This leads on to a discussion about why slavery was naturally embraced by the Negro as the only functional economy his continent has ever had and finally we take a look at the latest attempt by Twitter to police the thoughts of it’s users and turn the platform into a literal echo chamber for special snowflakes, who have become so infested with spiritual parasites that they have turned on their own kind.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

SS Britannia: ‘Race Awareness’ Class – SS 112017


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