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The Daily Traditionalist: Charity Begins at Home – DT 112217

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Matthew Heimbach, Florian Geyer and Sven Longshanks continue expanding on the themes of the first podcast this week that was recorded in Prague. Charity begins at home and the changes that we wish to see in the world around us we have to make happen around us. When opportunity arises you have to take it and show by example, we should not be taking care of others when we have our own people that are in need.

Our race is our extended family and our loyalty to them has to come first. We have been put under an extensive brainwashing program every bit as insidious as the Soviet brainwashing in order to break down our instinctual preference for our own people. A child feels safer with an unknown male of their own race rather than with an unknown mother of another race and it takes a lot to break down an instinct like that and replace it with one that encourages us to accept dangerous strangers instead.

This did not happen naturally to us, it was done to us and it’s quite clear who it was that did this and the three hosts point out the way they did it and why they did it.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach, Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Traditionalist: Charity Begins at Home – DT 112217


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