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The Daily Traditionalist: It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way – DT 112017


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Florian Geyer and Sven Longshanks in Prague, for the first of two podcasts recorded while there.

The three hosts give their thoughts on the city and the differences between Europe, America and Canada.

The Czech Republic was under Soviet rule after the war and Prague has a museum dedicated to Communism, which details just how insane that ideology really was. The currency was devalued by the power of 50, all businesses were stolen by the state and priests were stretched to death. Half the country was informing on the other half and the museum makes a point of explaining that this was only possible through mass brainwashing at every level, through the schools, through films, through tv, everything was dedicated to promoting Communism. The three hosts point out that we still suffer from full spectrum brainwashing, it is just the subject of the propaganda that has changed. It no longer promotes Stalin, but the equally as wicked diversity and multiculturalism instead.

After the fall of Communism there was a lot of apathy because nobody cared about anything any more and we are in the same situation today where nihilism reigns supreme. If you want to do something about it it is no good waiting for someone else to do it for you, you have to make changes in your own individual life first if you want to see the world change around you. The struggle starts with improving yourself and achieving those ideals within your own community before anything at the state level can be looked at.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach, Florian Geyer and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way – DT 112017


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