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The Daily Traditionalist: ITV Antifa Spies – DT 1124127

DT 112417

National Front South West Organiser Julie Lake joins Sven Longshanks today to talk about her recent experience of being spied on by ITV while grieving for her just passed away husband. The liars-for-hire took advantage of her good nature and accepted her hospitality, only to then stab her in the back and label her a terrorist on national TV. These traitors to their own race knew full well they were going after good people, but did it anyway. They also spied on Anne Marie Waters, Britain First, Generation Identitaire & the National Front, but they were primarily hoping to intimidate the women involved rather than the organisations.

With crazies around like Thomas Mair who went after and killed an MP, it is highly irresponsible of ITV to imply that these women are terrorists rather than legitimate political activists, as it has made them targets for Antifa and placed them in danger.

Julie talks about how the girls tried to befriend her and how if it wasn’t for the National Front security team, one of them would have been violently attacked by Antifa. This did not stop her from secretly filming people talking about how they protected her though, so she could then portray it as evil nazis gloating about punching a negro.

Julie is hoping to revitalise the National Front in the South West of England and said nothing in the documentary that she would not say publically anyway, as she has always put her face and name out there and made her membership of the BNP and National Front public.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with Julie Lake

The Daily Traditionalist: ITV Antifa Spies – DT 1124127


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