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The Daily Traditionalist: The Worker’s Party - DT 113017

DT 113017

Matthew Heimbach hosts a solo edition of The Daily Traditionalist as Tony Hovater was unable to make it, but Matt still covers what has recently happened to him. He was interviewed by the NY Times and they found it very hard to portray him in a bad light, which caused the newspaper a lot of criticism and has also caused Tony to lose his job and now find a new home. However the Nationalist movement has all pulled together and already donated nearly $9,000 to him and his new wife. This shows that we do look after own.

Matt then talks about some projects the TWP have planned for 2018, including free clinics put on by doctors, but the main obstacle standing in the way of this is securing an area free from antifa terrorists so the doctors can do their work.

After that Matt describes why Americanism wont work. Even if immigration is stopped tomorrow, Whites will still be a minority within 20 years just due to the fertility rate of the invaders. We need our own independent state right away, where we make all the decisions and we make them in the best interests of our ethnicity.

Democracy is a sham, when you get a popular party who stand up for the people they get banned, just like the Nordic Resistance Movement were today. The system only allows it’s own people to stand for office and then lies about any genuine political advocates calling them ‘haters’. This is a revolutionary struggle that we are in, the whole system needs overturning and replacing and the TWP are the people who are going to do it.

There were some sound issues with this episode.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach

The Daily Traditionalist: The Worker’s Party - DT 113017


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