The International Jew: How Jews Capitalised a Protest Against Jews – TIJ 111317

jews and queers

Ted Midward presents part 17 of the series based on Henry Ford’s ‘The International Jew’.

Continuing on from last week’s expose on the American theater, this week we hear about individual Jewish film producers and how they succeeded in turning what was formerly an art form into a business - ‘show-business’.

Slowly they began replacing the Gentile actors with Jewish ones, using cover names for them in order to deceive the goyim into thinking they were watching their own people. Ted lists a number of these Jewish actors wearing ‘white-face’ and explains how they were soon able to claim that Jews were the experts at movies, simply because they had replaced all the Gentiles.

There were some protests against this cheapening of the industry, but the Jews were even able to capitalise upon that, funding the protests so they knew what direction they would go in and then providing alternative Trusts to placate the masses that were still owned by the same people.

Henry Ford’s description of the movie making industry from 100 years ago shows that the people running this highly influential form of media have remained the same until today, which is why the content is continually degrading and demoralising.

Narration and commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: How Jews Capitalised a Protest Against Jews – TIJ 111317

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