The International Jew: Jewish Control of the American Theatre – TIJ 110617

tij 110617

Ted Midward continues his series based on Henry Ford’s The International Jew with part 16, looking at how the Jews influence public opinion through the entertainment industry, which was just the theatre back then, but which has expanded to include the cinema, tv and now the internet too.

The Theatre had long been a part of the Jewish program for the guidance of public taste and the influencing of the public mind. Not only is the Theatre given a special place in the program of the Protocols, but it was constantly used night by night and week by week by the "power behind the scenes" to get their degenerate ideas across to the people.

It is not by accident that at this time in Russia, where they scarcely had anything else, they still had the Theatre. This had been specially revived, stimulated and supported by Jewish-Bolsheviks because they believed in the Theatre just as much they believed in the Press; it was one of the two great means of the age for moulding popular opinion.

Ted Midward traces the degeneration in the theatre to the Oriental influence brought in by the Jews and shows beyond any shadow of doubt, that the entertainment industry has been run almost exclusively by them for the last century or more.

Narration and Commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: Jewish Control of the American Theatre – TIJ 110617

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