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The International Jew: The Jewish Demand for Rights in America – TIJ 112717

tij 112717

Ted Midward presents part 19 in his series based on Henry Ford’s classic collection of newspaper articles from The Dearborn Independent - ‘The International Jew’.

Today’s episode starts with a description of the New York Kahilla, a local organisation dedicated to serving Jewish interests which then liaises with the national American Jewish Committee. Jews have these groups advocating for them wherever they are, but under different names, such as the British Board of Jewish Deputies or the European Jewish Parliament. They demand special privileges for their ethnicity by using deceptive language, such as calling for laws against ‘anti-semitism’ which people think means prosecutions for violence against Jews for being Jewish, when what it really means is that it is a crime to criticise a Jew or a group of Jews, or even just to criticise an activity that Jews are involved in, such as banking.

Nine-tenths of all Jews in America have allegiance to the American Jewish Committee which is a blatant conflict of interest against Gentile Americans. The Jews are taught that they do not have to mould themselves to America’s values, but should instead force America to become Jewish in it’s outlook. These ‘Jewish Rights’ groups operate primarily to achieve this, swinging into action any time they hear the word ‘Christmas’ or hear of prayers being said in school. You want to know why there is a menorah on the White House lawn instead of a Christmas tree? Well this is your answer.

Presented by Ted Midward

The International Jew: The Jewish Demand for Rights in America – TIJ 112717


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