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The Roper Report: An Extraordinary Rendition – TRR 111517


This past month has seen the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Jewish Bolshevik revolution, Veteran's Day commemorating the end of World War I, and the Beer Hall Putsch, all of which Billy pulls together in discussing historical cycles and pendulum effects.

Following 9/11, the U.S. government began to use a new program called "extraordinary rendition". Suspected terrorists were kidnapped and transported to foreign third world countries where it was "legal" to use torture and other extreme interrogation techniques to break them down. Now, the glorious multi-racial empire of the not-so United States uses extraordinary rendition to kidnap Nationalists and first amendment advocates before shipping them off to the third world banana republic of Virginia.

Billy discusses his recent visit to political prisoner Jacob Goodwin as he awaits extraordinary rendition to Virginia after RINO cuck Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has signed extradition papers to deliver Jacob to the kangaroo court system there. Jacob's mood, demeanour and attitude are described, as well as a day spent with the political prisoner's parents and an NBC camera crew there filming a documentary about his ordeal.

The Cover Our People With Love pro-White charity is gearing up for their annual winter "White Family Drive" effort to help needy White families and, for the first time ever on any podcast, The ShieldWall Network program, the secret diabolical plan itself, is revealed in detail. The ShieldWall plan, as Billy explains, is called "Project New America".

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: An Extraordinary Rendition – TRR 111517


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