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The Roper Report: Lone Wolf Antifa? – TRR 110817


It has been a tragic week for anti-White and anti-Christian terrorist attacks by lone wolf operators, from New York to Texas. Billy dissects the cause of the jihadi-rammer terror truck attack in Manhattan, placing the blame squarely on the Jewish and liberal lawmakers who let these savages in through the "diversity visa" program before tracing it’s evil roots back to the 1965 Immigration Act.

The 'Cover Our People With Love' winter 'White Family Drive' charity has kicked off again for this year and Billy invites listeners to nominate needy White families as recipients.

A detailed comparison of how Orthodox Christianity and Christian Identity view race mixing is offered, in response to Dr Johnson's presentation and the subsequent discussion between Roper and Johnson about the theological foundations of the question.

One listener's comment is rebutted and Billy boils down the important takeaways from the horrific church massacre in Texas from a 2nd amendment and racial perspective.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: Lone Wolf Antifa? – TRR 110817

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