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The Roper Report: Thanksgiving Special – TRR 112217


On The Roper Report Thanksgiving Special, Billy discusses the history of the Holiday and it’s most important meaning from a White Nationalist perspective, refuting the politically correct myths and correcting typically held misunderstandings on the origins of this feast. He also lists some of the celebrities who have died in 2017 and waxes philosophical about our priorities and time management for the cause of White racial survival.

In his update on Jacob Goodwin’s case, Mr. Roper describes how the government and the controlled media treated the political prisoner leading up to and during his extradition. Their paranoia and drama would be laughable if it were not so serious. He also provides information on how supporters can write to Jacob in jail and contribute to his commissary fund.

Finally, Billy mentions the support other White Nationalist leaders are now giving to his balkanization theory, as variations of the ShieldWall Plan are emerging in other PLE areas such as the Appalachians and New England. Details are given on how you can get involved in these emerging ethnostates.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: Thanksgiving Special – TRR 112217


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