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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Thoughts of the Day: All Aboard the Holocoaster Thrill Ride – GL 111417

gl 111417

Like a holocoaster thrill ride, Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day comes barreling your way this week with thrills for the entire family. As always, we will be covering a wide array of more or less random topics for you to think about and consider as you go through your day to day doings.

Our opening segment this week is a bit different as it is for fellow content creators in the movement.

We think back and we remember the ill fated Tea Party movement which never amounted to anything. We laugh about how lame it was and how quickly it was converged and their candidates co-opted by the system, but the fact is the Tea Party was the first attempt by the people to voice their dissatisfaction. There was a bit of a scandal a few years back as revelations were made that the IRS was targeting Tea Party members, supporters and organizers. Now I ask you this: if the establishment were going to use the IRS to go after something as ineffectual as the Tea Party, what do you think they will do to us? The idea here isn't to scare you, just to be sure your eyes are wide open and that you are taking the information that we have and are acting accordingly.

It may seem like a silly thing to remind ourselves of, but I believe we need to remind ourselves from time to time that we are a political movement. Collectively speaking, all of us working together or working independently, are a political movement. I think sometimes that we listen to our enemy's propaganda against us and actually start to believe it ourselves. We are not a terrorist organization we are a political movement. We have every right to have our political voices and opinions heard just as anyone else does. We are not blowing things up or shooting up people, nor are we advocating any such thing. Yet our enemies portray us as basically terrorists to the general public. Why? Because the establishment is afraid of us and by extension, they want the general public to see us as a threat as well.

One of the things that is celebrated in our society is the ability to compromise. The politicians of the fake old right that are celebrated are the ones with the ability to reach across the aisle and compromise in order to "get things done". After all, we want the government to "get things done", right? Well, no not really. Getting things done is only a good thing if those things they are doing are positive. Compromise can sometimes be a good thing but how do you compromise when your opponents' ultimate goal is your destruction? How do you compromise on that? "Oh ok I'll compromise and in this compromise you kill me off a bit slower than you originally planned"? Make no mistake: we face an enemy who cannot be compromised with.

As you all well know, when it comes to social media I'm all over GAB. GAB is growing and honestly, I'm pretty excited about where they are headed. GAB is getting ready to release a new feature that amounts to premium content that you can subscribe to. In other words, content creators can put some of their work behind what amounts to a pay wall and this segment will amount to a bit of a business discussion as to this topic in general as well as to Grandpa Lampshade's plans with this moving forward. I'm not critical of anyone making the decision to put some of their content on a premium level where you have to pay to see/hear it, but the upshot is that I will not be doing it and in this segment I will be discussing why that is.

Moving in to listener questions/comments, first up is from Suzy who wants to discuss what it would look like if the U.S. and European countries came back to Nationalism but not at the same time. Would the countries who remained at the time under ZOG control go to war against the Nationalist countries to try and stop us? What are the odds of this happening? The good news here is that as I look at the ZOG establishment frantically trying to hold on to power all over the world while that power continues to slip through their fingers, I believe that we are looking at a world wide collapse of the current status quo. Not only do I think a collapse of the current ZOG system is coming, I believe it is inevitable, which brings us to another very good point: as a political movement what we are fighting for isn't necessarily an end to ZOG rule as that is going to happen anyway. What we are fighting for is what comes after.

Next up is a question from Mr. Turner who asks ‘In the context of all of this talk about making 'Murica! great again, was 'Murica! ever great to begin with?’ What constitutes greatness? Pointless wars for the Jews? This is a question that will no doubt be triggering for some but we don't veer from the truth here on Thoughts of the Day, so jump into this discussion we will.

Our sermon this week in the Church of the Lampshade is on the inability of the modern cucked church to condemn...........well........pretty much anything. The modern cucked church has brought forth the belief that to judge anything as being evil or wicked is somehow sinful. However if you are afraid to judge anything for what it is then on the flip side of that you are accepting of everything including wickedness and evil. Grandpa Lampshade doesn't have his Bible in front of him this week but that's ok because I can recall some of the stories used to justify this heresy from the top of my head. Let's take a look at this inability to be judgmental for what it is: the inability to stand for anything and the inability to hold to any actual principles.

As always thank you to the sponsors and thank you to the listeners for finding the time and tuning in. We are growing, we are expanding and new people are tuning in all the time. Hopefully you found something that is thought inspiring from our topics this week and you can bet that we will be back next week with a brand new fashy bunch of thought inspiring topics, right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: All Aboard the Holocoaster Thrill Ride – GL 111417


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