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Thoughts of the Day: Giving Thanks for Uncle A – GL 112817

GL 112917

As we come away from the Thanksgiving holiday and enter the Christmas season, there is one thing you can be thankful for: Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day. We're having a post Thanksgiving show this week and we're going to discuss the myriad of things that we're thankful for, as well as a double serving of insightful and thought provoking topics.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, something which has unfortunately become associated with it and may even be called a tradition here in America is the sickening spectacle that we know as black Friday. Yes, somehow this event has become a part of our culture where people go out and spend money that they don't have, on a bunch of crap that they don't need. I thought we would talk a bit about why black Friday is such an accurate illustration for our jewed out society as a whole.

Much of our jewed out system now is geared up to funnel the money away from you the productive working-class White man, into the pockets of the very wealthy. We will take a minute to reflect on how things have changed in this regard and look at some of the reasons why our financial situation isn't getting any better. They try to do this in a way that you won't notice it ,but it is there to be seen, you just have to look a little harder to see it. The muh unbridled capitalism crowd won't like this segment much but this once again illustrates the importance of addressing the social question when it comes to the state of our society. The end result of unbridled capitalism is exploitation and wealth becoming concentrated in the hands of the very few at the top, with the rest distributed to the low iq immigrants and groids at the bottom while the working White man who keeps the nation running is wrung dry.

Let's take a moment to reflect on some of the things that we can be thankful for. Grandpa Lampshade encourages each and every one of you to take the time to reflect on the things that we do have that we can be thankful for and I guarantee you that you do indeed have at least something. We will talk about a few of these things as well as the reason why it's important to do this. It's not as though I want you to be unrealistic about the obstacles that we face, but at the same time we need to realize that the enemy is running a 24/7 gas-lighting operation against our morale. One of the tactics in war is to do things to attack the morale of the enemy troops and we need to realize that our enemy does this to us each and every day and thus we need to take steps to counteract this.

In our listener questions/comments segment this week, Mr. Turner has been observing and thinking about the sexual harassment implosion on the Left and wondering how this benefits us. This happening has indeed been quite a thing to behold and it is obviously far from being over. These people who have posed as our moral superiors for years now are having the mask ripped off and we are seeing them for the degenerates that they are. But does this benefit us? What are we actually seeing take place here? Let's spend a little time reflecting on this.

We convene the Church of the Lampshade once again this week to speak the truth in the face of the lies of this world. In particular, we speak the truth to these heresies that the modern cuck church preaches as truth. This week we will speak to the topic of idolatry in general and idolatry when it comes to muh Constitution in particular. You see, in the modern cuck church, it's all about the feel goods and preaching about things which dont matter. "You're a great person who is doing the right thing always no matter what and even if you aren't it doesn't matter because Jesus" is basically all you are likely to hear. Topics such as idolatry and gluttony that make people realize the mistakes they are making are simply not discussed anymore. Well, there's one church where these topics are discussed: the Church of the Lampshade.

I do hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and as always, I'm thankful that you've come to sit at the table with me and feast on some thought provoking topics. I believe one of the things that sets this show apart from the others is the wide array of topics that we address. Just as you're all thankful for this show I'm thankful to be in such great company. I hope you enjoyed this weeks podcast and I hope that you're looking forward to next week's installment as much as I am.

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Thoughts of the Day: Giving Thanks for Uncle A – GL 112817


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