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Thoughts of the Day: Hollywood ‘Victims’ – GL 110717

GL 110717

Another Frogcast is coming your way folks! That's right, it's Grandpa Lampshade's (totally random) Thoughts of the Day. As always, thanks to our listeners and thank you to our sponsors who keep the show going and keep supporting what we do here.

I thought we would start by talking about political parties. We are after all, a political movement. We have a lot of lulz and fun along the way but when you boil it all down, we are a political movement and political change that results in preserving a place in this world for our people is our goal. That having been said, let's talk about political parties here in America. Of course those of you in Europe have a multi-party system but here in 'Murica! we have two political parties and honestly, it sucks but that's just how it is. But the good news is that we are currently taking over the Republican Party and we will discuss this in depth for our opening segment this week.

Every day now it seems there are more and more Hollywood actresses coming out and complaining about how they are victims and have been sexually harassed by these degenerate Jews and movie producers. Yet, we all know how they got their careers going in the first place. I am sick and tired of these people who have been neck deep in this degeneracy all of these years while all the time preaching to us as our moral superiors and who now want us to feel sorry for them and feel as though they are the victims. How many times have these very same people looked down their noses at us as our moral superiors? How many times have they put out PSAs lecturing us about what our morals should be and all the while, they've made their place in this world by playing the game of degeneracy with these kikes. Am I glad that all of this information is coming to light? Of course, it proves us to be right once again but make no mistake: none of these Hollywood "victims" deserve our sympathy.

It's no secret that one of the National Socialist principles that Grandpa Lampshade supports is the belief that these entities known as corporations should not be allowed to exist. We've discussed this before but I thought we would go at this from a slightly different angle this week. Many people are under the misguided belief that corporations are a part of muh free market and are somehow not a part of the left wing agenda. This could not be more wrong. We will illustrate in this segment how corporations actually work hand in hand with the leftists in destroying our societies.

We can talk about economics all day long but the social issue must be addressed and in doing so we must restore a sense of dignity in our people. In our earlier segment, we talked about Hollywood degenerates but for so many of our people these are what they view as role models. Our people have been stripped of their sense of dignity over the years. We have come to believe that unless we too are a reflection of Hollywood degenerates, then we are not successful. We can have the most profitable economic policy ever thought of in the history of man, but if we don't restore a sense of dignity to our people, it will all be for naught.

In our Christian segment this week, the Reverend Lampshade wants to discus the fact that even though many if not all of us are quite well aware of the JQ, sadly far too many of us are completely blind to the even bigger factor: the DQ. No, I don't mean Dairy Queen. I'm talking about the driving force that is even larger than the Jew. I'm talking about the organizing force behind this obviously well planned out plot to eliminate our people from the earth. I am of course, talking about the Devil Question. For our sermon this week, we will discuss the driving force that is even greater than the Jew in fact, it is the force that the Jew works for. For the non-believer, this may be hard to believe but hear me out and by the time we're done here, I think it will all start to become much much clear for you.

Doing these shows week in and week out is honestly kind of an up and down sort of thing. Some weeks I feel like doing it and some weeks it feels like work. This week however was a pleasure and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed visiting with you. If so, be sure to tune in again once more next week because we'll be right here on Radio Aryan for more of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Hollywood ‘Victims’ – GL 110717


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