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UK National Front: South West Meeting – NFSW 112517


Julie Lake introduces the first meeting of the South-West branch of the National Front in Bristol before handing over to Kev Bryan, for a speech that sums up what has happened to the south west of England since the war. Masses of third world immigration has completely transformed this area of the country so that it no longer feels like it is even Europe, let alone Britain.

Kev introduces some statistics that break down the ethnicities that make up Bristol, including the shocking revelation that there are 15,000 mixed race citizens that have directly replaced the White babies that would have been born, had the foreigners not been in the country for the White partner to breed with. The National Front are probably the only political party in Britain to call for half-castes to be sent back to their non-British ancestors, but this is the only answer if we wish to preserve our own kind unadulterated.

The news is not all bad though and some examples are giving of where support for our ideas has been found among foreign students and some suggestions are made for how we can turn conversations around to touch upon aspects of our message. Support really can come from the most unlikely of places once you start talking about the problems our country faces and how all of them are related to immigration. 

Kev finishes his speech by talking about the sexual degeneracy and perversity that has taken over the country since the legalisation of sodomy. Julie then expands upon this with her own experience of what she has seen in the South East and particularly what the nurses there have to deal with when perverts ‘accidentally’ impale themselves upon household objects, including one particularly unlikely appliance. Another National Front member confirms what she says by repeating his own experience while working in a hospital many years ago.

Kevin Layzell advertises the props that the group have access to for demonstrations and Julie finishes by laying out a plan for future meetings.

Presentations by Kev Bryan, Julie Lake and Kevin Layzell

UK National Front: South West Meeting – NFSW 112517 


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