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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Aryan Insights: William Finck and Christogenea - AI 121817


Aryan Insights returns for a one-off interview with Christogenea’s William Finck. Bill is the world’s most accomplished Christian Identity scholar, having produced his own translation of the New Testament from the original Greek in the world’s oldest manuscripts. His massive collection of notes on this project are available in the form of hundreds of podcasts and writings at his Christogenea site, along with a huge library of previous Christian Identity scholar’s teachings.

Bill starts by defining what Christian Identity is and explaining why it is important to know about it, before telling us a bit about himself and his formative years. He eventually discovered his ability for historical research once he realised the important racial truths of the Bible whilst in prison. He explains how he then had to get his family to post the texts and materials he required for his project to him and how once he had them, he could see that the usual meaning of Greek words had been changed for our Bibles, in order to distort the definitions of the original words that St Paul used.

When he was released, he found to his dismay that many Christian Identity students and teachers were soft on the race question and had not continued the research that British Israel had started, but were content to just leave it where it was. There will always be a temptation for us to humanise the other races as we have strong sense of empathy for each other and for life itself, even when this is not reciprocated by the objects of our sympathies. 

As well as giving us some insight into Bill himself, the podcast also covers the most important truths of the Christian Identity message and what the most persuasive evidence for it is. Also covered are proofs for it being the original apostolic understanding of the Christian message, from writings that accompany the Alexandrinus text itself, which is the main codex that both Orthodox and Catholic Christians refer to for authenticity.

Bill recommends people start here if they want to know more.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with William Finck

Aryan Insights: William Finck and Christogenea - AI 121817


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