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Mysterium Fasces: Personal Character - MF 121017

MF 121117

Florian Geyer hosts the 41st episode of Mysterium Fasces and the first with Radio Aryan, joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson and Matthew Heimbach to discuss the topic of ‘Personal character’ an issue that has plagued Nationalism since the end of the second world war.

The essence of our struggle is a spiritual one and how to achieve the dominion of the spiritual over the material is the focus of this podcast. As possessors of the Truth, our role is to manifest that spiritual reality in our physical world in the form of Justice, Peace and Victory.

The first place for this truth to be actualized is in the person, in the development of the character and then reflected out into the world around us. This process stands above and at the center of all human activity, we know it as spiritual warfare or the attempt to master the self and it is the goal that all of us should be striving for.

Without this discipline and ascetic struggle, physical and mental, we will not have the dominion of truth in our lives or any control over them and without knowledge of this reality, all our ideology is straw. None of it can be implemented for the vessels and the instruments of its application are flawed. This is why for Christians this process is only possible through, with, and in God the Logos, Jesus Christ, for without the Light of the Grace of God, we may be honourable and virtuous, but we remain blind.

The next implementation of this reality after the self naturally then extends to the family, the nation and then the race and this is how we serve God.

Without these three prerequisites, Faith, Family and Folk, there is nothing to be ideological about, as ideology is merely the practical application of eternal truths and values to a particular time.

After discussing these subjects and the Holo-Heretic Hunters video we move into the Kali Yuga news section, featuring five articles symptomatic of the age of iron and clay in which we live:

Trump's new private spy network
Schultz' plan for a United States of Europe
Israelis start bombing Palestinians
Cop let off after executing a White man on camera
Russia and China in talks to bring back gold standard and destroy the dollar

Presented by Florian Geyer with Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

Mysterium Fasces: Personal Character - MF 121017

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