Radio Aryan: 1488 Christmas Special - CS 122217


Sven Longshanks plays some Nationalist tunes to get you all in the mood for a patriotic Christmas, including:
Iron Maiden - Invaders
Blink 1488 - 7 + 7
Brainwash - One Family
Iron Sound - Fugitive
Final Sound - Genetics
Arland Bran - Electric Universe
Cybernazi - Kek Kommando
Hitler - The Dubstep Remix
Byron de la Vandal - The Greatest Thing That Man Has Ever Done
Lilou and John - Payback Day
Ian Stuart - The Red Threat
English Rose - My Life My Fate
Iron Maiden - The Klansman
Presented by Sven Longshanks

Radio Aryan: 1488 Christmas Special - CS 122217

Download (01:03:32)

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