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Radio Free Northwest: GUBU - RFN 121217

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Harold Covington starts this week’s episode by reminding listeners that it is good for us to face up to uncomfortable realities, it is the Left that want everywhere to be a safe space, not us.

GUBU stands for Grotesque, Unbelievable, Bizarre and Unprecedented and describes well many of the incidents and people involved in both White Nationalism 1.0 and the Alt-Right. Much of this general lunacy comes from middle-aged men who should really be old enough to know better. GUBU is a psychiatric phenomenon rather than a racial one and the internet in particular seems to encourage it, turning commenters into stalkers obsessed with bad mouthing their targets. A possible theory to explain why this happens is because the modern White man has been taught to feel instead of think and as a result, now has difficulty interacting in the real world.

Gretchen looks at Tom Sunic’s ‘The Titans Are in Town’ this week, a work of essays and a short novel using the analogy of the Titans as cosmic order-keepers. Sunic cautions Nationalists not to pick the wrong reading material, citing racial anthropology books in particular as well as overly looking at anti-Jew books, world war two or the holocaust. He recommends Dickens and Shakespeare instead, but warns students not to to challenge their professors. Gretchen thinks maybe Sunic likes novels a little too much and she recommends Mein Kampf instead.

The Trucker calls in to talk about the latest attempt at Islamic terrorism in New York and reminds listeners that if you live nowhere near a city, it’s never going to happen to you! Harold then returns to expand on this and describes what the small towns in the North West are like.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: GUBU - RFN 121217

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