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Radio Free Northwest: The John Hinckley Affair - RFN 121917

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Harold Covington presents a special Christmas edition of the show based around his reminiscences from the eighties when he was ‘involved’ in an attempt to assassinate president Reagan.

He takes us through his various roles in the American National Socialist Party from when Frank Collin/Cohen led it up until when Harold was in the top position. His job was to take the money out for the donations, throw the application on the floor and then sign the membership cards before sending them out. John Hinckley was one of these card-carrying members and he used to write in to the HQ and Harold remembers him wanting to see more action than was currently going on.

Once Cohen was sent to jail, Harold took over and in 1983 he was driving along when he heard on the news that the president had been shot by a man with American Nazi Party connections. He flew back to the HQ where they had set procedures for a raid happening and made some hasty phone calls warning people that they may be getting a visit. He also asked around as to who the shooter might be, but to no avail. The suspicion was that it might have been Glen Miller.

He drove out to a female member, stashed a briefcase of private information and by the time he got back it was dark. There were calls from the media, but still no name. Then he got a call from someone claiming to be Mark Lane, an attorney who orbited around Willis Carto and had written books in his own right on conspiracies. He was unsure if it really was Lane, but from him he heard that the name of the shooter was John Hinckley, because that was the name on the membership card of the guy who was arrested. Harold wanted to know how he got all that info and Lane wanted to know if Harold had any letters or documents from Hinckley and even offered to pay for them.

Unfortunately though they were all shredded, like every other letter that was sent in.

The secret service interrogation came next, complete with bizarre anomalies such as only one agent and no notes apparently being taken. Once again they were after letters, documents or photographs and a photograph of the membership card with Harold’s signature was finally placed before Harold.

John Hinckley has now been released but there has still been no word from him on what it was all about.

Andy Donner also has a segment this week and talks some more about party professionalisation, while Gretchen the Librarian covers the Troubles in Ireland.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The John Hinckley Affair - RFN 121917

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