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Radio Free Northwest: White Means White - RFN 120717

rfn 120717

Harold Covington starts this week’s episode by explaining the process for qualifying to be able to vote in the Northwest Republic in response to a question about whether women should be allowed to vote or not.

Andy Donner then follows with a very good explanation of why 23 and Me are not worth the paper their results are written on, before reminding listeners of why racial purity has to be at the centre of everything we do. Racial admixture and particularly Jewish admixture cannot be tolerated, regardless of how small that adulteration may be.

Gretchen discusses Part 3 of ‘Inside the Reich’ which begins with Speer’s knee injury and the debate around the use of the Messerschmitt Mk 2. Whether to use bombers or fighter planes was the big question and things were starting to get desperate, with suggestions of using suicide bombers and even poison gas. Both of which Hitler rejected.

The Trucker calls in from Virginia to talk about how easy it would be to shut half the country down now everything has become centralised and computerised, before Harold finishes the podcast by talking about why people should be moving to the Northwest.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: White Means White - RFN 120717

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