SS Britannia: Racial Hygiene Is Not a Purity Spiral - SS 121117 - Radio Aryan


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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


SS Britannia: Racial Hygiene Is Not a Purity Spiral - SS 121117

SS 121117

Sven Longshanks hosts another solo edition of SS Britannia, this week looking at why White has to mean White, Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations.

American race laws and the Nuremberg laws were both created at a time before we had unlocked the DNA code and were able to read what it tells us. In the absence of objective proof that it was not possible to dilute racial admixture to such an extent that it disappeared, both countries allowed what they though were sufficiently diluted non-Whites and Jews to breed with Whites. We know now for a fact though, that it is impossible to dilute it until it goes away, it always remains, for as far back as DNA testing is capable of going.

It may seem humane and the right thing to do to allow 1/8 mixed people to breed with Whites, but it isn’t really, as it means polluting the DNA of a nation for generations, just for the sake of lightening the skin of one individual. In a truly humane world, children with a genuine ethnic heritage would have the right not to have that heritage adulterated and polluted before they were even born. Like Hitler’s misunderstood laws that protected children from ever being born with a mental or physical disability, laws to ensure racial hygiene could use similar techniques such as sterilisation and abortion. There is a reason why adulterating the race used to be a capital offence, it causes irreparable changes to the child and their descendants.

President Trump’s move to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has really got the Moslems angry, they are hopping about throwing stones and burning things everywhere while the European governments are holding their hands up in horror. This comes one week after assuring us that Trump’s tweets of Moslems behaving badly were somehow ‘fake’. He certainly seems to like stirring the pot, or throwing the dice just to see how they land. Maybe he is right and this will help the peace process, Jerusalem is already the de-facto capital of Israel and has been since they invaded in 1968.

Nobody likes the way they treat the Palestinians, but surely we cannot deny the Jews what we wish for ourselves, an ethnic homeland? This may encourage more of them to move there and every land in history has had to be fought for in order to earn the right to call it your own, it just hasn’t happened for a while so we are shocked by it. If they want the piece of desert where they killed Christ then let them have it, we have our own problems caused by them in our own countries to be dealing with.

Also in the news last week was Theresa May and her failing Brexit negotiations. It could not be clearer that she is a traitor now her so-called opponent in the EU Jeanne-Claude Juncker is singing her praises. She wants to keep immigration, have a 10 year transition period, allow all the immigrants indefinite leave to stay, keep the EU court of Human Rights and keep paying the EU for the privilege. Even with her bending over backwards to appease them it is still highly likely that after 2 years she still won’t be capable of making a deal and we may as well have left the day after the referendum. She should resign now and let someone who shows some actual ability like Jacob Rees-Mogg show us what he is capable of.

Music this week comes from Xurious and it is titled ‘Memories of Tomorrow’.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

SS Britannia: Racial Hygiene Is Not a Purity Spiral - SS 121117


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