The Daily Traditionalist: DyRo Refuses to Back Down - DT 122217 - Radio Aryan


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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


The Daily Traditionalist: DyRo Refuses to Back Down - DT 122217

dt 122217

Matthew Heimbach has Jason Augustus with him today to talk about Papa Johns pizza and Dylann Roof. The CEO of Papa Johns has had to step down after speaking out about not being happy about Blacks ‘taking a knee’. This was a company that he had built from scratch and he has been chased out of it by the political correctness police. He has lost everything simply for expressing an opinion.

Double standards like this help to bring people to our side when they see the injustice of it, how someone can do nothing wrong for their whole life and then because they say something the Jews don’t like publicly, they are done for.

Conversely, traitors who were never particularly important to the Nationalist cause get paid millions and are lionised by the Left for leaving us. Some of these turncoats appear to have even joined with the intention of then leaving and others have done so just for the love of money. Christian Piccolini is one of these types and he has recently tried to ‘convert’ Dylann Roof from being a Nationalist. No matter what Roof has done, he is one of us and he is currently in the dungeon and on death row, but he still responded by calling Piccolini a traitor and telling him that he took the enemies cash in order to harm his own people. 

When Roof did what he did, there were very few organisations actually doing anything and he even said this in his manifesto that it was this that drove him to lash out like he did. There is no logical argument that exists which can turn someone against loving their own people and Roof is sticking to his guns and is at least refusing to compromise his integrity by pretending to go along with this fraud.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: DyRo Refuses to Back Down - DT 122217


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