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The Daily Traditionalist: Free in Sweden but Banned in Finland - DT 120117

DT 120117

Boatsinker joins Sven Longshanks for the final Daily Traditionalist of the week, to talk about ‘Free Sweden’ and the banning of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Finland.

The police in Finland have used the death of a junkie antifa last year as an excuse to claim that the Resistance Movement are violent. This junkie assaulted a member by spitting on him and the activist defended himself by kicking the leftist to the ground. He was taken to hospital and then released as fine to go home, where he then unexpectedly died a week later. There is nothing to definitively link the death to the kick, but even if it had been linked, the activist was quite within his rights to defend himself. If this had been the other way around, the newspapers would have been cheering on the antifa for kicking and killing a nazi. We have already seen them glorify physical attacks on Richard Spencer in America. Claus thinks the movement will be able to appeal this ruling and continue, as the law has been used in the correct way (unlike in Britain, where a peaceful protest group were designated as terrorists simply because they didn’t like Jews, gays or Blacks) and there is plenty of evidence to show they are not violent.

Free Sweden is a new project in Sweden that was begun out of Berlin, making use of the cheaper living in Germany compared to Sweden. The group are planning on buying a house to turn it into a headquarters for all Swedish nationalists. They will hold meetings there, have a studio there and nationalists will move to that area where there will be business initiatives and start-ups, where people will pool their money together to help each other out. This follows the model the ethnic minorities have used to take over parts of our countries for themselves, buying up property together, funding businesses together and frequenting them, until eventually the whole area is taken over by them. This is very inspiring to see these same methods now being used by Swedes and perhaps more could be made of the disparities between the exchange rates in Europe, the richest countries could fund nationalist projects in the poorest ones for instance.

Also covered are Britain First and the Trump retweets, plus Richard Spencer being banned from the EU.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Boatsinker

The Daily Traditionalist: Free in Sweden but Banned in Finland - DT 120117


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