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The Daily Traditionalist: Korean Nationalism - DT 121417

dt 121417

Matthew Heimbach is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson to look at the Korean peninsula for today’s episode of The Daily Traditionalist. Both North and South Korea are ethno-states, despite the north being Communist and the South being Liberal and for a while the South was actually attacked by the west for having a Nationalist administration and for being genuinely anti-Communist. The eventual assassin of the South Korean president said just before he was hanged that it was American funding that was supporting the Communist riots in South Korea and before that happened, South Korea had withdrawn their army from the Vietnam war because America seemed to have no interest in winning it.

The South Korean dictator General Park was assassinated for the CIA because he was ‘an obstacle to democracy’. He built a first world economy out of nothing, it grew 10 times larger under his control than before as he went to the banks and forced them to limit interest to just 1% and also outlawed compound interest. He even called himself social nationalist and openly said one of his heroes was Hitler. Korea was the fifth poorest nation in the world when he took power and it was the 14th richest country when he was finally killed.

He was the son of a poor farmer so he was socialist as well as nationalist and the first thing he did when he took power, is to throw the oligarchs in jail and then threaten them into implementing his policies. You had a job for life there and 20% of the entire budget went on education, yet the university students whose education had been paid for by the state were rioting and protesting in favour of American banks. When Park started his new currency, he did not tell America until it had already all been put in place and they went wild about it. They sanctioned Korea, financed the rioters and eventually had him assassinated.

South Korea is such a rich country today not just because it is an ethnically homogenous country, but because it had a Nationalist leader 40 years ago who got a chance to put Nationalist principles into action for 20 years. 

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Korean Nationalism - DT 121417


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