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The Daily Traditionalist: Mad Magazine Cover Backfires - DT 122717


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Tony Hovater for today’s episode and the first subject raised is the Mad magazine image that features Matt Heimbach, Chris Cantwell and other Alt-Right figures from Charlottesville. The artist is not pleased as he wanted to mock the activists in it, but everyone thinks it’s great and it even features Matt’s special poking-finger for uppity negresses. Tony hasn’t been on since the New York Times article that featured him, so he talks a bit about what happened after that, with various celebrities condemning him and a fundraiser managing to collect $7,000 for him after he lost his job.

Things are moving very fast on the slippery slope to degeneracy and Tony highlights the changes he has seen just in his life time, with Democrats going from cheering the removal of a Cuban illegal immigrant to now calling people racists who dont want to give free health care to invaders. If the Left really wanted to help the third world, they way to do it is in their own countries and not in ours. Voice of Europe has an article today showing how much more it costs 135 times less, to look after the invaders in their own countries instead of our own and this is before you even take into account the crime wave that follows them. Our countries are clearly superior to their own or they would not be coming in the first place.

Pat Buchanan has been asking whether the FBI have been conspiring to derail President Trump after trying to undermine his election campaign. We have been saying this for some time, but he has detailed suspicious payments and even connections to the FBI between all the people who have been trying to smear him. Much of the attacks on him have been very petty and dishonest, yet they have been directed at him from the departments of State itself. The institutions themselves are so corrupt that it wont make any difference if individuals are removed, it is the whole apparatus of the state that needs replacing.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Tony Hovater

The Daily Traditionalist: Mad Magazine Cover Backfires - DT 122717


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