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The Daily Traditionalist: Meat-Shields for the Jewish Agenda - DT 120617

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Billy Roper joins Matthew Heimbach for The Daily Traditionalist, to talk about the Independent Review into Charlottesville and what this may mean for the POW’s, also on the agenda for today is Donald Trump recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Jewland.

Zionists have wanted this to take place for a long time and perhaps he has done so to try and get some of the Jews on-side, but the rest of the Middle East are not going to be comfortable with this and it will destabilise the whole region. There may still be something positive to the decision however, it will encourage more Jews to leave our countries and move to their own homeland, however one thing it will not do is get them off Trump’s back. He probably thinks he can make a deal with them, but they will always value their ethnic ties more than any profit. The world is split down the middle with who has support in the Middle East, America backs ISIS, Israel and the Saudis, while Russia backs the Iranian coalition against them. It is a very delicate balance and Trump does not appear to understand the ramifications of his actions there.

Back in America the big news is the Independent Review of what happened in Charlottesville, which has vindicated everything Nationalists have been saying about what happened there. The conflict was caused by the police standing down and pushing the Nationalists directly into the Antifa. This was no accident, there was a conspiracy to encourage violence between the two sides so that one side could then be given all the blame. The police were just following orders, but it was the mayor that was giving those orders that contradicted all the previously agreed plans and advice.

Chris Cantwell has been given bond and it is hoped that some of the other falsely accused prisoners will also be allowed out now on bond. Nationalists have really shown some solidarity over this, donating money for legal fees, commisary funds and offering home addresses for the prisoners of conscience to stay at in Virginia if they are freed.

The fact our enemies really had no concern over the people that were hurt in Charlottesville and just wanted to shut it down any way they could has now been exposed for all to see. More and more of us are standing our ground and speaking up for our people and this time our enemies failed with their cover-up and it’s going to be their jobs that are likely to be lost, not ours for once.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Billy Roper

The Daily Traditionalist: Meat-Shields for the Jewish Agenda - DT 120617


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