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The Daily Traditionalist: Not Just a Thot but Not Even White - DT 120517

DT 120517

Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks tackle the subject of women taking on male roles within the Alt-Right in order to subvert the conversation in today’s episode, but first Matt talks about the flash-demo he was involved in over the weekend with Richard Spencer and others, to draw attention to the murder of Kate Steinle by an illegal immigrant. Tens of thousands of Whites are the victims of non-White crime yearly, but the numbers themselves have always failed to rally people to our cause, even in the case of 1400 White girls being sold as sex slaves in Rotherham, so being able to personalise this one victim should really help to draw attention to the crimes that these unwanted foreign intruders commit.
2 tara is not white

Lauren Southern and Tara McCarthy have both recently been complaining about justified criticism of them, as if they should be given special treatment just because they are women. Both talk about women in traditional roles, but then set a bad example by not fulfilling those roles themselves. But worse than this, both are not even White. Lauren Southern has boasted in the past of having a Jewish grandmother who fled Germany from the NAAAAZZIS and Tara admits her great grandmother was Jewish and married an Indian. Both now claim to be White, despite the fact they are both mixed race. Both are effectively saying that race is just a social construct by pretending to be White and Tara has compromised other Nationalists by putting sodomites on the same show as them, so they could be pressured into making concessions to the queer lifestyle.

If women want to help the Alt-Right they should do so by complimenting their men and there are plenty of good examples of this. The Blonde Butter Maker teaches women how to look after their men and her husband is behind the camera. Henrik and Lana work together at Red Ice Radio, he takes the lead and she supports. Matt Heimbach would not be able to do what he does if he did not have his wife at home taking care of the homestead for him. These are good examples to set and they are set by White women. The bad examples are being set by women who have mixed parentage and that really should tell us something that you would have thought we had already learned a million times over by now. Jews and non-Whites can have no place in our movement and the reason for that should be obvious now to all.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Not Just a Thot but Not Even White - DT 120517


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