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The Daily Traditionalist: The Outcasts of the Modern Age - DT 120417

Royal Baby

Jez Turner and Sven Longshanks co-host the first Daily Traditionalist of the week and Jez starts by letting us know he has been staying at a religious retreat that used to be a leper colony and the irony of them being the outcasts in mediaeval times and us being the outcasts now is not lost on him. He lets us know that many journalists after the war realised the gravity of what their lies had caused and retreated to places like this, not being able to face the people any longer.

After that we get his views on the royal wedding and he reminds us of Megan Mbutu’s rather sordid past. It really does look like Harry is deliberately desecrating the monarchy and is not just looking for more celebrity status by marrying a negress.

Next up is Trump’s gift to the counter-jihad of retweeting Britain First tweets to his tens of millions of followers. This one act alone will have awoken thousands to the truth of what Nationalists are saying and proves that May’s government are all traitors to Britain and the British people. LBC published a poll where 74% of responders said they approved of Trump’s visit to Britain yet still the politicians were castigating him and calling for him to be banned or arrested once he gets to the country.

The mirror opposite of Trump is Trudeau, who broke down in tears grovelling to perverts and sodomites the other day for sodomy previously being illegal under Canadian law. What he seems to be forgetting are the many victims of those sodomites. Out of the many that were probably consenting sodomites there are bound to also be plenty who were genuinely raped by them. By pardoning the perverts, Trudeau is effectively saying the victims all consented to being sodomised.

We also hear about White men being arrested for exercising their constitutional right and trying to deliver a letter to the Queen and finally we are given a date in January when people can go to hear Jez speak in the north of England.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Jez Turner

The Daily Traditionalist: The Outcasts of the Modern Age - DT 120417


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