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The Daily Traditionalist: Polarised Voting and Balkanisation - DT 121317

DT 121317

Matthew Heimbach and Billy Roper co-host The Daily Traditionalist today, looking at the Alabama election results and the upcoming Charlottesville hearings which are scheduled for tomorrow. Thanks to the Republicans not properly getting behind their candidate, they have now lost part of the tiny minority that they had over the Dems in Congress. The national establishment and the state establishment both got behind the moderate candidate and refused to back Moore when he was being attacked by the media, when all he was doing was looking for a virgin bride to marry with the permission of their parents. This was back in the seventies when chastity was honoured and valued and many of the Republican establishment remember that time, but still they behaved like cowards and denied that it ever happened. There was nothing wrong with what Moore did and clearly the 60% of White women in Alabama that voted for him yesterday don’t think he did anything wrong either.

Last night was really a racial issue as Black females voted for Jones 97% and Black males 90%. On both sides this was a polarised racial vote where people voted in tune with their racial interests rather than civic nationalist principles. This proves that Balkanised ethno-states happen of their own accord and the reason we don’t have one is because all the forces of the establishment are being used to artificially create a multi-cultural one. Balkanisation would be better for all of us, as in a multi-cultural democracy there is constant strife and conflict as people groups fight for dominance in a single territory.

The recent mayoral elections in Atlanta also were split along racial lines with a tremendous amount of corruption associated with the Black candidates, yet the local negroes still preferred a continuation of the corrupt Black administration to a new White candidate not associated with the previous one at all. The other races always vote racially and it does look like the White race is now finally waking up to that at last. Everything we do should be influenced by race.

Tomorrow is the hearing for four of the Charlottesville defendants and Jacob Goodwin’s parents and other supporters have travelled there and were able to see Jacob for the first time yesterday since he was extradited. He feels good about tomorrow as Deandre Harris who initiated the attack has already been released with a suspended sentence and reduced charges, which sets a precedent that if there is any justice left in the courts will also be applied to the White defendants. Cantwell is now out of jail so bail may be granted to the other four under similar circumstances. All the preliminary hearings are scheduled for tomorrow and we will be keeping you updated with how things are going here at Radio Aryan.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Billy Roper

The Daily Traditionalist: Polarised Voting and Balkanisation - DT 121317


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