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The Daily Traditionalist: Putin’s Corrupt Opposition - DT 122817

dt 122817

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson talks to Sven Longshanks about Alexei Navalny, Putin’s opposition and ‘Russian aggression’ for today’s episode.

Navelny is a convicted criminal, he should have been jailed for 10 years for corruption and embezzlement along with his brother, but was able to get away with a fine of millions of roubles and a suspended sentence. Because he is a convicted criminal, he is prevented by law from standing against Putin in the upcoming elections, an election he hoped to fight on a platform of being against corruption! The EU/USA/Israel alliance of liars are calling this a political persecution because Navelny is their man, he was Yale educated and wants to open up Russia’s nationalised industries to a take-over by the multi-national conglomerates. Because Putin will not let this happen whilst he is president, Russia has become the main enemy of the NWO and they are regularly accused of ‘aggression’ because of this.

Dr Johnson explains how the so-called Russian hacking of the American election can actually be boiled down to the simple existence of Russia Today, the English language Russian news station. Because they show an alternative view of the news, they are deemed a threat to the west. However it would be a bit strange if a Russian news agency promoted ideas which were harmful to Russia. The BBC are quite happy to promote ideas of great harm to Britain if it serves the New World Order and America is the same, but RT provides a counter viewpoint to these nation destroying ideologies because Putin believes in a multi-polar world, which means he believes in a world of sovereign nation states, not a world based on the tower of Babel.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Putin’s Corrupt Opposition - DT 122817


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