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The Daily Traditionalist: Radio Aryan in 2017 - DT 122617

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Sven Longshanks hosts the Boxing Day edition of The Daily Traditionalist and begins by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, before taking a look at what is going on at Twitter. By removing all opposing viewpoints, they are effectively ensuring that our enemies will become even weaker, as they will have no-one at all to test their arguments on. This will lead to a false sense of courage even worse than it is now, leading to spectacular failures when they do encounter us. Twitter will also become incredibly boring and bland leading to many Liberals moving to Gab just because they want a chance to debate someone.

Next up is a look at what has been happening at Radio Aryan over 2017. We started the year well, with Aryan Esoterica getting more downloads than any other series of our podcasts, but then Andrew Anglin took a dislike to one of the episodes and banned all our content from the Daily Stormer. This halved our download count for a few weeks, but by the summer we were doing just as well if not better. This also spurred us on into redesigning the site and taking on three more hosts.

After Charlottesville when many of our sites were taken down along with our fund-raising ability, we were fairly lucky only getting our chatroom hacked. Thankfully we had a back-up chatroom ready to activate and within ten minutes of the hack the old chatroom server was deleted and the new chatroom app installed onto the site. Since then we have again moved to Chat-Tango and they are the reason why the site no longer has the secure padlock sign.

Dr Johnson will be taking more of a role in The Daily Traditionalist in the New Year and we also have a new music show starting next Tuesday hosted by Lord Goyhammer. Anyone who has ideas for a show and think they would fit in with the rest of our content here at Radio Aryan should get in touch via private message in the chatroom.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Radio Aryan in 2017 - DT 122617


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