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The Daily Traditionalist: Twitter Cowardice - DT 121917

dt 121917

Matthew Heimbach is joined by Florian Geyer today and the most talked about topic of the moment is Twitter removing the most tame, but also the most popular Nationalists. Jared Taylor was the first to go, yet he has never ever advocated violence. This is censorship purely because Twitter want people only to hear their own opinion and nobody else’s. What they are forgetting though, is how popular nationalist opinion is, we have an anti-immigration party in power in Austria, Hungary that refuses to allow any Moslem migrants in and Donald Trump who won the election because he wanted to build a wall and ban all Islamic invaders.

The mainstream media cannot handle being confronted with the truth and Twitter and the rest of these huge internet platforms have become just another way for them to uphold the mainstream narrative that public opinion is against nature. They cannot stand having to have this position mocked or challenged, because they are already defeated and they know this. Their ideas have failed and the proof of that is the way they cannot tolerate anyone hearing anything that presents an alternative to their own.

If you let your enemy pick the battlefield then you have already lost and for a long time all they had to do was call us racist, or sexist and people would back down. But these words no longer hold any meaning for the working class and are worn as a badge of honour among many, so they really have nowhere else to go other than try to pretend that we no longer exist.  They are like children that put their fingers in their ears and cry ner, ner, ner when they hear something they don’t like.

This battle has been going on for thousand of years between Nationalism and Globalism and it does not matter what the enemy does, we will always resist them and this cowardice of theirs about hearing our thoughts on Twitter will just encourage us all the more.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Florian Geyer

The Daily Traditionalist: Twitter Cowardice - DT 121917


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