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The Daily Traditionalist: The Wealth Gap - DT 120717

DT 120717

Matthew Heimbach is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson today to talk about the massive levels of income inequality in America. No society in history has ever had such a disparity between it’s citizens. Merchants were never elevated to the status they are now in the past but were looked down upon for not producing anything. Yet today, the whole economy is based around the way the usury-based banking system works, nobody actually owns any property, the banks do. The unemployment rate is really running at 20%, inflation is much higher than is admitted and the dollar is losing it’s value every day on the world’s stage.

Plans to deal with this by tax reform, are not going to work. The banks need to be nationalised like they are in Russia, where the economy is rising. Some banks in America like American Express have been going around the sanctions and investing in Russia, which shows the lack of trust they put in their own American system.

We are not going to be able to fight our way out of the recession either. If it ever comes to a war where the United States military actually has to fight against another technologically advanced country like Russia, China or even North Korea they will lose. America has not had to deal with any country that could be a genuine threat to her since the war, but the others are now on an equal footing with their weapons and they would be fighting against a military seriously weakened by feminism, transgenderism and diversity.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: The Wealth Gap - DT 120717


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