The International Jew: The Present Status of the Jewish Question - TIJ 122517 - Radio Aryan


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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


The International Jew: The Present Status of the Jewish Question - TIJ 122517


Ted Midward presents part 23 of his series based on Henry Ford’s The International Jew. The status of the title refers to where the question was in the 1920’s, it has now expanded to include the annexation of a chunk of the Middle East, currently causing mayhem over there with America’s recognition of Jerusalem being the capital of Jewland.
About eight months ago The Dearborn Independent began a series of studies on the Jewish Question. It was an attempt to state the facts on which the Question is based. It was not at its beginning, nor has it since developed into, an attack on Jews as Jews. Its purpose was enlightenment, and if it secretly indulged a hope, it was this -- that the leaders of American Jewry might be wise enough to see that this is the country and this is the time in which the causes of distress and distrust and disrepute might be removed from Jewry and a genuine mood not of toleration, but of reconciliation, arrived at. 
The proof that these articles have contained facts and only facts is found in the failure of the Jewish spokesmen to show any one of them to be false. The record stands that way -- not one disproof. The reason for the record is this: when only facts are sought and are subjected to the tests, only facts are found. If, however, one embarks on a "campaign" whose purpose is to besmirch an opponent or create a prejudice, one's partisan zeal may induce him to accept as facts what are merely just a probability. These articles, however, do not constitute a campaign. They are the lighting of lamps here and there about the country, in this industry and that, in corners heretofore kept dark by those who should serve more faithfully on the watchtower of the Press. 
What The Dearborn Independent has said could have had no weight at all, had not the people been able to see the same facts all about them. It is not information, but illumination, that has given these articles the importance they have found among hundreds of thousands of readers.
Narration and Commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: The Present Status of the Jewish Question - TIJ 122517


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