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The Roper Report: Christmas History - 121317

TRR 121317

As he recovers from the flu, Billy brings everyone up to date on his most recent media interviews, both those he granted and those he denied. After that we hear about the Knights Party Christmas Party before an update on the Charlottesville defendants and the progress of their defense.

Christopher Cantwell has been released on bond, DeAndre Harris's felony has been dropped, and Jacob Goodwin is hoping his legal defense strategy might see him get similar.

Since Christmas is coming up Mr. Roper then tells us the real story of the three wise men and the history of the 'Twelve Days of of Christmas' song. There are lessons we can learn from it about our people's past and their respect for unity, perseverance, and sacrifice. You'll never hear the song or read its' lyrics the same, again! How much of what we take for granted all around us is a vestige of the courage that our ancestors had? They clearly demonstrated how to behave with honor through their examples, if we would only pay attention?

Finally there is big ‘Thank you’ to the Huffington Post for quoting and promoting 'The Big Picture' by Billy Roper!

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: Christmas History - 121317

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