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Thoughts of the Day: The Newly Red-Pilled - GL 121217

GL 121217

It's time once again for those Thoughts (not THOTS) of the Day! That's right, time once again for another thought provoking installment of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day. We've got it all here folks: Church of the Lampshade, listeners questions/comments and a whole boat load of topics. Grandpa Lampshade is feeling much better this week (though still not 100%) so we're going to make up for the past couple of weeks coming up a little short on content by doubling down and taking a shotgun approach to a wide array of topics.

First up I thought we would discuss those who are newly red pilled. It's ok to not fully get all of this right now. We've all been there, trust me. The thing you have to realize as one who is fairly new at this red pilled thing is that when you hear something that triggers you, you are still trying to over come that lifetime supply of programming you have undergone and that doesn't happen over night. When you hear folks such as myself say something and your knee jerk reaction is to view it negatively, you would do well to take a step back and realize that you may not fully grasp what it is we are trying to convey. To emphasize this point, I'm going to discuss something in this segment that will probably have that very effect on you.

We haven't done a section on Bitcoin in awhile so I thought we'd discuss Bitcoin briefly. As you all well know, the price of Bitcoin is insane right now. I am a bit skeptical as to how much longer this ballooning of the price can keep going but alas, you do what you think is right. The thing I thought was funny however was recently I saw an anti-Bitcoiner make the remark that Bitcoin isn't real the U.S. dollar is real money. Really? The U.S. dollar is real money and Bitcoin isn't? Let's put this on the scales of truth and see what we find.

The police are our topic in this next segment. I'm not hostile towards the police. In fact, I'm sure I have fashy cops who listen to this program. However I do find the practice of being a badge licker to be quite off-putting. We will revisit the reality that the only support the police enjoy is from White people. Yet, the police need to understand that support does not come unconditionally. We have discussed this in the past but it's been awhile and I believe it's worth revisiting this topic once again.

Have you ever noticed how certain things are a crime unless Jews do it? I have been reflecting on this. That's something you do more and more as you get older: reflecting. I was reflecting on some of the things in the past that when the Goyim did it, there were laws against it. In fact, there are still laws against some of these things. Yet, somehow when the Jew does it to enrich himself at society's expense, it magically becomes legal. This goes beyond simply bitching about how this is somehow not fair. It's important to point out because once again, it illustrates who actually controls our government.

Being a veteran now of these tubes, Grandpa Lampshade sees lots of people bickering over a lot of different things. One of the common things I see people bicker back and forth over is MGTOW, men supposedly going their own way. One side sees these guys as cowards not making White babies to save our society, while the other says these sluts just aren't worth the risk. So who's right? GPL shakes his head because what all of you fail to realize is that the fight is happening right now. Making White babies is great, but your White babies are not going to determine the outcome of this struggle.

Previous generations had the luxury of kicking the can down the road but we do not have that luxury.
The future of White civilization will be determined by this generation and getting bogged down on these side topics, though an interesting discussion perhaps on a philosophical level, has jack squat to do with whether White civilization survives.

In listeners questions and comments this week we have a topic that I see many men in our circles agonizing over: circumcision. I'll be honest, it's not a topic that has ever really bothered me much so I have pretty much paid no attention to it, but it does seem to bother quite a bit of our own people so we will discuss it this week. Were you circumcised as a baby? Really? If you were, I will go ahead and assume it was done by a doctor and not by a Rabbi who sucked the blood off your bloody baby penis. There are any number of un-Jew related reasons why people choose to have their male children circumcised and honestly, I don't think it's a poor reflection whether you do or you don't.

We're on a roll this week as we once again convene the Church of the Lampshade. That's right folks, the one and only Reverend Lampshade is back to preach another sermon for you this week. As those who are regular parishioners know, we spend lots of time fighting and preaching against the heresies that the modern cuck church preaches as gospel. However this week we're taking a bit of a break from that and we're going to discuss why we are here. When I say why we are here, I mean why did God create the earth and everything in it and more specifically why did he create man in his own image? There has to be a reason, right? So why did God go to the trouble? If you're going to find your reason for being here, it's a good idea to wrap your mind around the notion of why God put you here to begin with.

It's great to do a show this week while not feeling under the weather so much. I always appreciate every one of you who take the time to tune in and it's so rewarding to know that you enjoy the work I do. I hope you enjoy and get something out of this week's episode and rest assured, we'll be back next week for yet another installment of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the day.

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Thoughts of the Day: The Newly Red-Pilled - GL 121217


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